E3 2016: Every Gamer's Dream Show

We give you an inside look at the year’s biggest video game convention.

If you love video games, tech, and a smorgasbord of your favorite YouTubers, celebrities, and enthusiasts, then the Electronic Entertainment Expo is for you. E3 is the big enchilada of gaming conventions. It takes place every June in downtown Los Angeles, where household names like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo reveal the most secretive games to loyal fans. Unlike PAX, there’s no public access, but you can watch free live streams all week long. 

We just came back from E3 2016 and invite you to enjoy an inside look at this incredible event. 

The first thing we saw upon arrival was a gigantic Chocobo. What’s a Chocobo? One of the most popular critters in the acclaimed Final Fantasy role-playing series. Adorable, right?

This Chocobo went after a piece of cake dangling in front of the creature’s mouth. The best part? E3 attendees were able to climb atop the beast for photo ops. With the line stretching down the hall, we went with selfies instead. 

While in south hall, the sound of jazz music and a New Orleans themed Mafia 3 booth dominated the entrance. The stunning display glowed with an indigo hue while a live band performed and the Mafia 3 trailer played nonstop. While enjoying the music, fans spent time in a photo booth and sat down with a fortuneteller. 

What does a photo booth have to do with games? E3 is all about spectacle. Companies go out their way to have the most elaborate booths, and do whatever it takes to wow gamers. 

Speaking of booths, The Resident Evil 7 Biohazard exhibit delivered true horror in the shape of a haunted house (left). We love the Resident Evil series, and can’t wait to play this game next January. 

Bethesda, makers of Fallout 4, hung out in the back of south hall. First we posed with the Fallout Vault Boy statue, then made our way to the authentic Doom and Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim armor pulled from those games. Oh, you need to play the new Doom video game. It’s incredible, but you need to be 17 or older because it’s violent. 

West hall was the most crowded and deservedly so. This room hosted Microsoft (Xbox), Sony (PlayStation) and Nintendo (Wii U). 

At Microsoft, a Lamborghini Centenario was on display. The limited edition supercar appears in the upcoming Forza Horizon 3, which allows gamers to explore a virtual Australia while controlling a number of expensive muscle cars.

Meanwhile, Xbox fans loved the new Xbox S. The revamped Xbox One is both smaller and less cumbersome (the infamous Xbox power brick went bye-bye). Finally, Xbox had a Design Lab featuring a plethora of Xbox One controllers in different color variations, and invited fans to build their own controllers from scratch.

Design your Xbox One controller today! There are more than 8 million possible color combinations! 

Sony wowed the audience with a variety of must have games and its PlayStation virtual reality device. We strapped on PlayStation VR and tried our luck with FarPoint, a virtual reality space shooter. Lots of fun. 

On top of that, PlayStation fans went crazy for this new Spider-Man video game. It looks amazing!

Best games at the PlayStation booth? The new Norse mythology themed God of War, the cool detective game Detroit: Become Human, and the long-awaited The Last Guardian. 

In a surprise twist, Nintendo focused solely on Zelda: Breath of the Wild, where hundreds of diehard fans waited hours to get a sneak peek of the sequel to the beloved franchise. Fans lucky enough to go inside the exhibit marveled at the gorgeous statues and castle-themed interior. They also received hard-to-get Zelda t-shirts and coins that are now on eBay

Then we ran into this guy!

...and this gigantic bag of Doritos. Empty, unfortunately.

With over 50,000 attendees and an estimated 300 exhibitors, E3 2016 was a huge success. We can’t wait for next year! 

Do you play video games? Which ones are your favorites? Currently, we love Overwatch, Dark Souls 3, and Kirby: Planet Robobot.