The Playlist: Revolution Radio by Green Day

The Hall of Fame punk legends return with a comeback album full of some of their best tracks in years.

A little over a year ago, Green Day were enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and rightfully so. They single-handedly ushered in a second coming of punk rock courtesy of their major album debut in 1994, Dookie. The album was an instant hit, and the band has never looked back.

Twenty-two years after Dookie, Green Day are still going strong with hit album after hit album. The last time the band released new music was back in 2012 when they released Uno, Dos, and Tre, all of which were met with lukewarm reviews and slow record sales. However, Green Day’s slump is about to change courtesy of their latest album, Revolution Radio.

Revolution Radio is an awesome comeback record for these music legends, and from the moment I heard the first single Bang Bang, I was anxiously waiting to get my hands on this album. After the first listen, I knew Green Day was officially back with a vengeance.

Album of the Week

Revolution Radio by Green Day 

Revolution Radio album opens with the track, Somewhere Now. The song shows the maturation of the band as a whole. They may have gone this route in the past, but there’s no question they’ve perfected this sound as a go-to in Somewhere Now. Overall, it’s a great song about reflection and a great opener to the album.

When Bang Bang hits, you know you are listening to some classic Green Day. Plain and simple, this song rocks! Green Day are at their best with this classic pop punk track.

The title track, Revolution Radio, is more classic Green Day. It reminds me of a song that would have worked well on Warning or Nimrod.

Still Breathing is the second single from the album and it’s another song that highlights the mature side of the band. I think this is one of their best songs in years and could go down as one of their all-time best. It’s a song that anyone who has persevered through tough times will relate to. Definitely my favorite track on the album.

Youngblood is going to be a great song to hear live. I think it will become one of their future anthems, one that gets live crowds jumping up and down in unison once they hear it. Youngblood reminds me of classic Green Day via the Insomniac days.

Ordinary World closes the album off beautifully. In the vein of Time of Your Life, this track is just Billie Joe and his guitar, and it is amazing. The lyrics are very meaningful and encapsulate how the little things can be enough to get by in life with that special someone. I really love this song—and the album Revolution Radio—as I believe it’s their best in at least a decade. 

Standout Tracks: Still Breathing, Youngblood, and Ordinary World

The Playlist: October 11, 2016

Kids – One Republic 

Taken from their new album Oh My My that was released this week, Kids is the latest and greatest single from One Republic. This song is about looking back to the days when you were a kid, and is backed by a great beat that takes you away. Ah, the good ol’ days!

Sit Still, Look Pretty – Daya 

After her killer collaboration with the Chainsmokers, it’s time for Daya to unleash her debut album on the world. The title track from the album, shows a Daya that is wise beyond her 17 years. Her mature lyrics accompany a great backing track that will surely make this a hit single in time. Being so young hopefully means Daya has a long career ahead of her as she certainly has the talent for it.

Pure Morning - Placebo 

This classic track from Placebo’s album A Place For Us To Dream still holds up to this day. While Placebo may not be as huge as some of the other bands from their time like Oasis or Blur, Placebo undeniably carved out a place for themselves with a large fan base that has stuck with them for over two decades. Pure Morning has always been my favorite Placebo song, and is still a regular in my iPod rotation.

Take Me Down – The Pretty Reckless 

I’ve been a fan of The Pretty Reckless for a while. Child actor Taylor Momsen grew up to have a killer rock and roll voice. She backs it up on her latest track, Take Me Down, which highlights her incredible smoky vocals. When a female vocalist sounds like this, I am hooked. It doesn’t hurt that her band kicks ass as well. I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately, and I can’t wait for the new album to drop in a few weeks.

Take It All Back – Judah & The Lion 

I caught these guys on MTV’s Wonderland last week and found them to be super unique. People are calling them “folk hip and roll” for their combo of folky banjo, hip-hop-ish vocals, and rock vibes by way of their chorus. I think these guys could become huge in the Mumford and Sons type of way. The song Take It All Back is extremely original, and is a must-listen as it showcases their dynamic mix of genres.

24K Magic – Bruno Mars

I’m a big Bruno Mars fan and I have said for a long time that he is a modern-day Prince. I truly believe that Bruno Mars has the vocals and musical talent to back it up. He proves this once again here with the first single from his upcoming album, 24K Magic. Here, Mars has another massive hit on his hands, as this song has me dancing in my seat while I’m typing this.

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