How To Build A Better Relationship With Your Kids Through Baking

Not only does baking with your kids make for great meals, it's also the perfect excuse for a little family bonding time.

There's an unmistakable chill in the air, the leaves changed color long ago, and now they're starting to litter our front yards and sidewalks. It's the time of year when the weather outside zaps away your energy with a single blast of cold air, usually resulting in a strong desire for some warm food! Instead of taking on the Herculean task of creating a seasonal meal for the entire family, why not invite the kids in for an experience sure to build wonderful memories?

Cooking and baking are an easy sell for kids of any age. Your children may be extra busy with schoolwork and friend commitments due to the time of year, but every single kid has to eat. There's always time to bring them into the kitchen to help whip up a little snack; after all, what kid is going to turn down the chance to eat some delicious cookies? While some children may be a little reluctant at first, those complaints are sure to fade away once they get into the mix.

The key to the entire experience is letting your kids find their own way. You may be there to guide them with aspects of the process (proper use of the oven, for example) and help when they ask for it, but you don't want to make the entire meal for them. It's not like the foods they create aren't going to be put in front of judges at the Great British Bake-Off. Remember, this is all about giving your children some freedom in the kitchen, which they're sure to be eager for.

Furthermore, it's equally important to have fun with your kids. They may not think their parents are cool, but they can't deny the smiles they'll have when learning to cook. Additionally, this is the perfect time to get a little messy. Look at the kitchen as a space for some creative, yet controlled chaos. Nothing is going to happen that can't be salvaged and no mess will be made that can't be cleaned up. Even if the final product comes out looking and tasting less than perfect, it can all be chalked up as a learning experience, and a great excuse to try again.

Cooking or baking with your kids gives them so many important tools in life. An appreciation for directions will grow, a desire to be creative bubbles up, and a sense of passion and commitment can be fostered. With the right amount of time and training, your kids may find a hobby that could be followed all the way into a career! Of course, these are all bonuses and added benefits to the biggest positive about baking together as a family. It's the perfect excuse to spend more time with your children, and you'll all come away happier for it.