People are Obsessed with Miniature Space Cooking Videos

Check out these tiny cooking videos, with real food and utensils!

Miniature Space is my current obsession on YouTube. Available since 2014, the beloved channel features videos where a mysterious person creates dishes for… well… I don’t know who they’re for. I’m not even sure if someone eats the miniature fried tofu, egg toast and pizza. Does this stuff even taste good, and where does one find a mini carving knife? These are the questions I think about instead of doing actual work.

There is no voiceover or music. This minimalism lets you focus on the painstaking detail and familiar sounds from the kitchen… the knife as it cuts through a cherry tomato and strikes the board, or the sizzle of ground beef in the smallest cast iron skillet you will ever see. Even the plating is on point, with the visually appealing dishes set atop a small table, in kitchens that are the perfect size for Barbie Dolls and WWE action figures.

Below are a few videos from Miniature Space to give you an idea (a taste, if you will) of what to expect. A word of warning… watch one of these videos and you will likely view several more. Easiest way to kill an hour at work without realizing it.

MiniFood Hamburger

Chop the onion, slice the tomato and make those hamburger patties! What’s especially cool is the mixture, which appears to include quail egg. The cheese stands out the most because each slice comes individually wrapped. You can’t buy cheese that small, so this person went out of his or her way to wrap the slices for authenticity. Incredible.

MiniFood Sushi

Let’s face it, sushi is difficult to make under normal circumstances. Attempting a roll this size would drive me crazy, but Miniature Space pulls it off with this fresh-looking tuna roll, complete with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger.

MiniFood Egg Toast

The fact that he or she separates the egg white from the yolk, extracts with a bulb syringe and then cooks both separately is impressive, but there’s more to see out in this video. Specifically, the furnished room where the cooking takes place. That wallpaper!

MiniFood Omelette

The MiniFood Omelette video opens with footage of the kitchen, which gives you a great look at the thought that went into making it look as real as possible. Of course, the ingredients are the true stars, and watching the omelette come together is worth the nearly seven-minute wait.

MiniFood Boyle Chicken

He or she rolls the chicken and then wraps it to create a small sausage. Then it gets boiled and sliced. Of course, you have to wash it down with a miniature beer that, unfortunately, does not seem to contain actual liquid.

Definitely check out the Miniature Space YouTube channel and let me know which videos you like best. There’s a good chance you may not have an answer until a few hours from now, especially when you realize that the day is almost over and you still have a mountain of work to do. Happens to the best of us!

Miniature food looks cool, but most of us want something bigger. I’ll tell you how to make different types of lobster rolls. There’s also a riced cauliflower with shrimp recipe that you have to try. Cauliflower is a great substitute for rice, and you can even mash it like a potato. No disrespect to mashed potatoes, of course.