This Therapy Dog Has an Unbelievable Talent

Ricochet is a therapy dog that provides help to hundreds of veterans, and also happens to love hitting the beach for some surfing as well!

U.S. Army veteran and retired Staff Sgt. Randall Dexter was dealing with some major problems. Back when Randall was serving in the military, his unit was hit by an improvised explosive device. This was enough to send Randall home from his tour of duty after being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in addition to other negative effects caused by his brain injury.

Sadly, Randall was in for another struggle after a particularly tough hit to the head during a flag football game. It seemed like Randall was destined to have a rough time in life, but that all changed when a four-legged friend stepped in and changed things for the better. While searching for a way to help himself, Randall came across Paws’itive Teams, an organization set out to match therapy dogs with people from all walks of life.

This wasn't anything Randall had tried before. However, after reading up on the organization he decided it was worth a shot. Paws'itive Teams met with Randall and worked out the best path forward for him. When they learned about everything Randall had been through and the issues he was currently dealing with, they matched him with Ricocheta dog who had provided therapy for 50 other veterans. Ricochet's pedigree with more than enough to prove she was something special, although Randall had no idea just how special Ricochet really was.

You see, Ricochet isn't your run-of-the-mill therapy dog. Sure, she takes on all the usual tasks other dogs in the program handle, but she also has an amazing (and extremely unique) hidden talent. As it turns out, Ricochet absolutely loves to hit the waves! Ricochet is an avid surfing dog who has managed to win almost every competition she's been entered in. While surfing may not be key to the therapy Ricochet provides, it's hard not to embrace the healing happiness created by joining her for a stint on the board.

Randall indulged Ricochet in her passion and the two immediately clicked. It was clear the two were meant to be and that owning a therapy dog was Randall's clear path to a better life. When the two weren't hitting the ocean, Ricochet was more than happy to provide Randall with the guidance and care he needed. Ricochet even managed to save Randall from another catastrophic event. When Randall was out shopping at a big box store, Ricochet's sixth sense kicked in.

She cemented all four paws to the ground and refused to move. This was a signal to Randall that danger was in the area, and Ricochet was correct. Unbeknownst to Randall, Ricochet had spotted a metal beam swinging from the ceiling. Randall would have almost certainly walked right into trouble, but because Ricochet spotted the hazard, she helped saved Randall from further injury.

While Ricochet and Randall spent many great months together, the time eventually came when the two had to head their separate ways. Ricochet had many other people to help in the Paws’itive Teams organization and it was time for Randall to take on a permanent therapy dog.

Randall ended up adopting his own dog and Ricochet has resumed showing off her impressive surfing skills to other veterans in need. Randall's time with Ricochet was so life-changing that he's even managed to get a hosting gig on a radio show and return to college! Without the guidance, comfort, and confidence Ricochet provided, Randall says he wouldn't be anywhere near the man he is today.