Essential Holiday Meals and Treats

The holidays bring all sorts of delectable meals with them, and these are some holiday treats you simply can't pass up.

The holiday season is the perfect excuse to take in as much food as possible. It's okay, we won't tell anyone! Go ahead and stuff yourself until the seams burst. It's all a part of getting the full holiday experience. Not to mention, the holidays bring us a lot of food items we don't usually get to enjoy the rest of the year. You have to take advantage while the special meals are around.

When a holiday dinner is served up and there's a feast in front of us, these are the treats we simply can't pass up.


While you can enjoy pies anytime during the year, the holidays bring some special flavors which are otherwise hard to find. Pumpkin pie seems like a staple you can't go without at any dinner table. Spiced pies are sure to add a holiday flavor to your meals as well. You can even go all-out by crafting some pies which include unmistakable holiday flavors, like peppermint! Go the extra step and top it all off with some minty ice cream. Try and tell us the idea of a warm pie with cold ice cream melting on top doesn't make your mouth water.


A glazed ham is another food you always find around the holidays. There are even entire companies based around selling people hams during this season! We're not quite sure how or why ham became a part of the holiday menu, but we're certainly not complaining. The marriage of salty, sweet, and savory is to die for. Since you don't get to enjoy glazed ham too many times during the year, you have to make sure you go big during the holidays. Stuff yourself to the gills and then cozy up on the couch for a nice nap. You've earned it!


People love to show off their baking skills during the holidays, and those talents are very much on display when it comes to cookies. What other time of the year do you get ornately decorated and iced gingerbread cookies? If gingerbread isn't your style, perhaps you can be enticed by the simple-to-make and ridiculously tasty sugar cookie. These are the types of treats that Santa travels the world for! If he's willing to brave the cold and deliver millions of presents for a handful of holiday cookies, you can bet we're ready to scarf down whatever he leaves behind.


Sure, you just had turkey a few weeks back. We all know Thanksgiving is where turkey reigns supreme, but Christmas is a close second. It's not like you're eating turkey every single day anyway! Time to scooch up to the big dining room table and take in some more of the succulent bird. After Christmas comes and goes, it could almost be an entire year before you get to partake once again. Better enjoy it while you can!


Fruitcake has gotten a bum wrap over the years. Somewhere down the line, fruitcake became the butt of jokes in the lineup of Christmas foods. This brow-beating of fruitcake simply isn't fair! This delectable treat can be an absolutely delicious way to top off your Christmas dinner, as long as it's created with love and care. You don't want to pop down to the local supermarket and grab any random boxed fruitcake. Put some time and effort into creating one from scratch and the end result will completely change your outlook on the lambasted dessert.

Mashed Potatoes

Is there any simpler Christmas food than mashed potatoes? All you need is some potatoes, milk, butter, and some salt. Somehow, these ingredients come together into something no Christmas dinner is complete without. Mashed potatoes are such a feel-good food! They're buttery smooth and fill your belly with a warm feeling that's sure to put you on the couch for a lengthy nap. Throw some gravy into the mix and you could spend an entire meal eating nothing but potatoes!

Don't let the tastes of the holiday season pass you by. Some of these foods only pop up for a couple weeks out of the entire year! Get out there and take in whatever family and friends have to offer. You can feel guilty about overeating when the new year comes. Until then, it's time to chow down!