Fate Reconnects Two Rescued Girls With Their Savior

Edward Malone saved the lives of two young girls from a fire. He never knew what came of the girls, until fate reconnected them 65 years later.

Fate has a crazy way of bringing things together. It puts people in the right place at the right time, even when none of the parties involved have any idea what's going on. This happened to Edward Malone not once, but twice in life. He was accidentally thrust into a life or death situation where he had to make a split-second decision.

His decision would forever change the life of two young girls for the better. Fate brought him to this moment, and little did Edward know, fate would bring him right back to the same moment over 65 years later.

When Edward was just 12-years-old, his mother gave him the simple task of heading to the store for butter. Edward started walking to his destination, only to be interrupted by the terrified screams of a woman. She was begging for someone to "save the children," who were caught in a house fire. Without a second thought, Edward risked his own life to rescue five-year-old Margaret Fowler and her younger sister Barbara Earle.

If Edward weren't there, the two young girls would have met a very untimely fate. Thanks to Edward's selfless nature, the two girls were saved. This was a story Edward would tell for many years, but it didn't have an end. He never knew what became of the girls after he rescued them. This is the way things would be for the next 65 years of Edward's life until he moved to Newfoundland for retirement. In Edward's new home, he was greeted by a neighbor who was looking to welcome him to the neighborhood.

The two got to talking about the lives they lived, which is when they realized they grew up in the same hometown. Edward took this opportunity to recount the story of his fire rescue once again. As the story was being told, Edward saw how deeply moved his new neighbor was. When Edward wrapped things up, the neighbor reached out and told him she knew the story as well... because she was one of the little girls he saved. It was fate which pushed Edward to save those young women, and now 65 years later, fate had brought two of them together again.

An absolutely unbelievable moment, and one to finally give Edward's story a wonderful ending. Edward, Margaret, and Barbara Earle have all been reunited and now share wonderful stories of their families and friends. Margaret and Barbara Earle have entire lives to fill Edward in on, and they never miss a chance to tell him how their achievements are only possible due to his courage 65 years ago. Everyday people can be turned into heroes in the blink of an eye. Edward was thrown into a scary situation, and he stood up to the challenge.

The same goes for Renita Smith, a bus driver who helped save the lives of 20 children on her school bus. Emma Allred fits right in with both Edward and Renita. While suffering from life-threatening illness, Emma used her Make-a-Wish opportunity to aid the less fortunate, rather than using it on herself.