Young Boy Grows Hair to Donate to a Friend in Need

When a young girl suffered from alopecia areata, her friend stepped up to donate an amazing gift.

Gabby Ruiz has been living with alopecia areata since she was 4-years-old. Alopecia areata attacks the hair follicles in your body, making it impossible for you to grow hair. Anyone suffering from alopecia areata is set for a tough life, filled with strange looks and ridicule from peers. This is only made worse when you're a young child. With Gabby now 12-years-old, she knows how terribly cruel classmates can be. Lucky for Gabby, she had one friend who set out to make things right in a truly special way.

Gabby met Tyler Boone a few years back, and the two became fast friends. Tyler learned about Gabby's medical condition early on, and saw how much it impacted her daily life. While Tyler knew there was no medical option for Gabby to correct her hair loss, he figured he could take a different route to help.

Tyler had a full head of hair himself, and decided to grow it out even longer for Gabby. Once his hair got to a certain length, Tyler was going to meet up with Gabby and let her cut his hair to aid in the creation of a wig.

For two long years, Tyler dedicated his life to growing his hair out for Gabby. This brought Gabby and Tyler even closer, as Tyler soon began to suffer for his decision. Tyler's fellow classmates started to harass him for having long hair, and even started calling him a girl. As a matter of fact, multiple people often mistook Tyler for a young girl, but none of this phased him. He was dead-set on following through with his plan and getting Gabby the wig she deserved.

While the entire endeavor brought struggles on both sides, everything was worth it when the big day finally arrived. Tyler had achieved the length necessary for Gabby to have her own wig. The two met up at a local mall, which put together a special event for the cutting. There was even a photo shoot for the big moment, and a subsequent hair styling for Tyler afterward. All the trials and tribulations seemed like a distant memory now. Gabby had received a beautiful ponytail to be turned into a wig by Children with Hair Loss.

Tyler visited a barber shop in the mall and went for a complete makeover, picking a buzz cut for his new look. Gabby will soon have her new wig, and Tyler can go back to his regular life. We imagine both of them will have a much easier year ahead of them. They certainly have a wonderful bond which has only grown stronger after this beautiful showing of kindness and compassion.

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