Child Forgoes Lego Purchase to Help Aid Student in Need

Jeffrey Holz had been saving his money to purchase a Lego set for $100. When he was $12 away from the total, Jeffrey instead decided to help out someone fighting an illness.

What little kid doesn't love to play with Legos? It's one of the best toys for cultivating the imagination. Lego has millions of young fans the world over, including 8-year-old Jeffrey Holz.

His penchant for Legos knows no bounds, but his parents' bank account certainly did. Legos can become a rather costly endeavor, which wound up being the case when Jeffrey wanted to take home a $100 Lego set.

Rather than buy the set for him outright, Jeffrey's parents told him he could save up the money to purchase it himself. When Jeffrey learned he had to purchase the Lego set himself, he quickly put a plan into motion. Jeffrey was going to gather up funds by holding onto birthday money, Christmas money, completing chores around the house, and even working at the local church cafe.

It was going to take a considerably long time to amass the funds needed for this Lego set, but Jeffrey was up to the task.

The months rolled on, and little by little, Jeffrey was getting closer to his goal. The finish line was in sight, with only another $12 dollars needed to hit the target. Jeffrey couldn't be more excited about the achievement.

Right as he was about to close the deal, Jeffrey heard a bit of news. A senior at Jeffrey's school had been diagnosed with cancer out of the blue. He was a star athlete, with a potential career put on hold due to the diagnosis.

When Jeffrey heard about the student's misfortune, the Lego set he wanted couldn't be further from his mind. Instead of using the money to purchase Legos, Jeffrey asked his mom if he could take his savings and donate them to the sick student.

Keep in mind, this was a student Jeffrey had never even met; not to mention the age difference between 8-year-old Jeffrey and the 17-year-old senior.

None of that mattered to Jeffrey, though.

With his parents help, he got the money out of the bank and hand-delivered it to the student in need. Jeffrey's unbelievable showing of kindness gave the sick student the boost he needed to crack a smile, and help motivate him to fight through his condition.

We have no doubt Jeffrey will be there for the whole path to recovery.

It's comforting to know of others out there who look to make lives better for people in need. Tyler Boone was up to the task when he donated his own hair to make a wig for a friend suffering from alopecia. Even Santa got in on the good deeds when he stopped in to visit hundreds of sick children who wouldn't otherwise be able to see him.