Young Boy Starts His Own Recycling Business

Ryan Hickman is tired of seeing the world around him cluttered with pollution, which is why he started his own recycling business.

We can all do better when it comes to protecting the environment. From proper sorting of trash to the products we purchase, there are numerous ways to help make the world a better place. The problem is, a lot of us are set in our ways, making it hard to break from traditions which hurt the environment.

As a result, it's the younger generation like 7-year-old Ryan Hickman who have the best chance to make things better. Ryan already runs his own recycling initiative, which has helped him save a whopping $10,000 for college.

Ryan's family instilled the importance of recycling in him at a very young age. Ever since Ryan was 3-years-old, his family has been taking him to the local recycling plant to teach him the ins and outs.

He learned why trash needs to be sorted and properly handled in order to keep the environment safe. It seems these early teachings from Ryan's parents have given Ryan a deep desire to better the world around him, which is why he set out to create his own recycling push, called Ryan's Recycling. Believe it or not, Ryan has already recycled over 200,000 cans and bottles.

The work his organization has done resulted in a huge amount of difference for his local town. It also helped to build Ryan over $10,000 in college funds! While Ryan certainly sees the importance of having a college fund, he has some other goals for the money.

At some point, Ryan would like to have enough money saved up to get his own garbage truck. Then he can kick his recycling plans into high gear!

As if Ryan's work with recycling wasn't great enough, the young man is working hard in other ways. Ryan sells T-shirts on his own website, with proceeds being donated to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach.

Ryan knows those unrecycled bottles and cans are causing problems for sea lions in the area, which is why he's determined to raise the money needed to purchase medicine and care for those creatures. The efforts Ryan has put forth at such a young age are staggering.

On top of that, the work he's done will leave a positive impact on the community around him for many, many years to come. We should all take note from Ryan's work and do our best to better the environment.

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