Color Doesn't Matter To Two Young Students

Jax and Reddy thought their teacher wouldn't be able to tell them apart after they got the same exact haircut. 

Most of us strive to make the world a better place by righting the wrongs committed by the generation before us. One of the biggest challenges we still face is the idea of equality. A vast majority of people feel everyone should be on equal playing ground, no matter what race, ethnicity, or sex. 

While people are certainly moving in the right direction, there are still some dissenting voices who make the fight tough. Thankfully, the younger generation is more than ready to show how little they care about physical differences!

Jax and Reddy are your typical 5-year-old boys. They love to have fun and cause some mischief, even when hanging together in school. This culminated in the two friends concocting a plan for a prank they wanted to play on their teacher. The plan? Jax and Reddy wanted to get the exact same haircut.

In their minds, with the same haircut, the teacher wouldn't be able to tell the two apart. It seemed foolproof in the minds of Jax and Reddy, which is what makes what happened next even more fantastic. As it turns out Jax is white and Reddy is black. When Jax told his mom about the plan, she couldn't have been happier.

While the adults of the world might see the obvious distinction between the two, it was clear both Jax and Reddy had no idea at all. It was an absolutely beautiful showing of friendship and colorblindness, which is exactly what this world needs more of. Jax's mom was tickled enough by the idea to share it on Facebook, which is when Reddy's mom caught on.

What happened with the boys' request? Well, both parents were thrilled with the idea and proceeded to help the boys get the same exact haircut. Meanwhile, Jax and Reddy were overjoyed to see their plan coming together, and they eagerly awaited the chance to see if they could fool their teacher.

Sure enough, the teacher was downright flabbergasted by the two identical children who walked into her class Monday morning!

As the bond between Jax and Reddy grows, we feel moments like these prove how kids have a way of showing up adults when it comes to compassion. For example, young Ryan Hickman decided to do his part to save the environment by starting up his own recycling program. There's also Jeffrey Holz, who emptied his LEGO funds and donated the money to a classmate battling cancer.