The Importance of Slowing Down

Life can't be full-speed ahead all the time, making it important to take a moment and gather yourself. 

It's impossible to not feel run down by the daily grind. There's always so much to get done in a single day, and you only have so many hours to tackle it all. The work that doesn't get done carries over to the next day, and soon enough you're inundated with a million tasks to tackle. Then when you get to the weekend, instead of being able to relax, you have to use your free time to catch up and get ready for Monday.

There are certainly some chores and workloads which have to be completed no matter what. You have to set aside time to handle them and make sure they're ready to go for a deadline. This keeps us in a very busy mindset where we're always readying ourselves for the next task to take on. Yet this way of thinking ends up making more work for us than need be.

It's about time you took a step back and looked at everything in order to figure out what has to get done, and what can wait.

You Deserve to Relax

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Being productive can lead to an almost euphoric feeling. You start the day with a task list full of things you want to get done. You work your butt off all day to achieve those goals, then look back on your time with a sense of pride. You somehow managed to squeeze everything into a single work day, and you feel great for doing it!

While handling all those chores definitely earns you some praise and a pat on the back, you can't continue on like this forever. It's important to take a break and let yourself rest. You have to catch up on time you're currently not giving yourself. Always pushing forward and taking on the next chore will get you to a place where you're feeling run down and unable to keep up.

Eventually, the jobs you do take on are going to suffer from your lack of rest and relaxation. You can't go full steam ahead for 7 days out of the week. Take time to recognize how important it is to recharge.


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When we sit down to list tasks to accomplish, we have a habit of lumping them all together. Taking the car in to get serviced and wiping down the kitchen counter are locked arm-in-arm with one another, with no distinction between the two. They're all items on the list which need to get taken care of.

Some even find it hard to relax without getting everything on their list a checkmark. Again, you need to figure out what items on your list absolutely have to get done by a certain day. If you manage to get your car fixed before work on Monday, you'll be able to get around on your own without needing a rental or asking your friend for a lift.

If you don't clean the kitchen by Monday, what's the worst that could happen? Will it really be the be all/end all if kitchen cleaning gets bumped a day or two? Put aside the chores without a hard-line time limit and use the hours for some R&R.

Don't be a Stranger in Your Own Life

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When you're making a list for every day of the week, you leave almost no time for anything else. You don't really experience the world around you. It's only there for you to miss as you're running by. Life can't be all about work. While it feels great to have all these accomplishments under your belt, your list is never going to be empty. It's going to be a constant grind where things will always pile up.

There are times when you can put your list aside and experience life. You have hobbies you want to enjoy. You have friends and family who've been missing you. Your body could really benefit from some relaxation, even if it's a quick nap on the couch. While these are the parts of life we tend to think aren't too important, it shouldn't be this way.

These are the elements which make life worth living, and are why we work so hard. While chores and work are constant bumps on the road, enjoyment of life should always be the end goal. The world isn't going to stop if you don't do the laundry today. No one will die if you leave raking the leaves until the weekend.

Don't throw your life away by working your fingers to the bone. There are times when you absolutely have to work. There are moments where chores can't be left until later. The key is recognizing when those instances are, and also seeing when you can take a moment for yourself.

Without balance, you'll become lost in your own life. Looking for a way to handle some of the stress in your life? We've got you covered with some helpful tips and tricks. When you have a better handle on things, it may be time to adopt a pet to keep yourself feeling great!