Delta Throws Pizza Party For Stranded Passengers

When some nasty weather stranded thousands of Delta customers at various airports, Delta decided to throw a pizza party to lift their spirits.

There's nothing quite like an airport to fill people with anger. Whenever travel plans include flying, everyone involved starts to picture all kinds of struggles. You have to make sure your baggage is in order. You need to stay on top of flight gate changes. Even when you leave yourself ample time, it seems like you're always running to board your flight at the last minute.

Then worst of all, there's the nagging feeling in the back of your mind saying your flight might be canceled. Unfortunately, a large group of Delta customers had those fears realized this past week. Due to a nasty patch of weather, over 300 Delta flights in the United States ended up on the cancellation list. This forced thousands of customers to completely change their travel plans.

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From people on business trips to families on vacation, all types were now stuck without a way to get to their destination. There was nothing Delta could do about the weather, and customers were being forced to wait it out. With tempers quickly rising, Delta scurried to find a way to calm people down. They managed to think up the perfect solution to almost any problem. Pizza.

Delta decided to shell out some cash in order to get their miffed customers smiling again. While spending your time stuck in an airport isn't exactly fun, Delta did their best to lift spirits with a pizza party. Customers were treated to all the pizza they could eat while they waited out the storms in various airports.

No matter how upset you are, you're eventually going to get hungry as well. And nothing fuels the rage quite like an empty stomach, which Delta seemed to realize. Rather than let the situation escalate, a heaping helping of pizza was prescribed, and it did the trick. While Delta did their best to reroute some flights and get people to their destinations, stranded passengers happily chomped away on their free pizza meal.

To some, it may not seem like a big deal considering the situation, any showing of good will from Delta would have gone a long way to get people out of their funk. Thankfully, some of the smarter minds over at Delta knew about the healing power of pizza. Let's hope most customers were well on their way to their destinations once they finished up their meal. If not, at least they could get a good night's rest thanks to a full belly!

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