Young Boy Donates Wii To Grieving Police Department

When the Wausau Police Department lost one of their own in the line of duty, 7-year-old Brady Duke decided to cheer them up with a unique act of kindness.

The Wausau Police Department has gone through some extremely tough times recently, including a shootout in town which lead to a policeman losing his life in the line of duty. While it's a risk the police are willing to take, it's never one people can deal with easily. Word of the policeman's heroism and the department's grief quickly spread through town, eventually reaching 7-year-old Brady Duke.

Brady was truly moved by the sad news, which is what motivated him to do something extremely selfless. While Brady didn't know all of the details, he did know his local police department was very sad over a loss. Little Brady wanted to make a difference and help the police department smile again. So, what can someone at Brady's age do to help out?

Photo Credit: WASW

Without skipping a beat, Brady decided to give up his favorite toy, his Nintendo Wii. He told his parents of his plan, and they decided to help facilitate it. Brady and his parents made their way to the local police department, Wii packed up and ready to be donated to the grieving policemen and women. Brady was hoping to help bring back the smiles of the department, and he succeeded in a big way.

The staff were shocked by Brady's selfless act, and couldn't believe how he reached out to help. In an instant, the police department set up the Wii in one of their office rooms and got to playing straight away. They wanted to show Brady how much his kind act mattered. The story doesn't end there, though.

The Wausau Police shared Brady's story on social media, and of course, it managed to spread far and wide. The news even made its way to Nintendo themselves (the creators of the Wii). Nintendo was so touched by Brady's act, they decided to send him a surprise package of their own. In it, Nintendo replaced Brady's Wii with the Nintendo Switch, the latest gaming console Nintendo has on the market.

Fittingly, Nintendo asked the Wausau Police to deliver the Switch to Brady, to which they obliged. The Wausau Police Department has been able to move on thanks to Brady's kindness, and Brady received worldwide attention for his heartfelt act. Now, Brady can play all the games he wants alongside a brand new group of friendsWe're thinking they'll all be busy for quite some time.

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