How To Stay Level-Headed

There are moments when we want to scream, yell, and break everything in our path. Don't let those moments ruin things for you. Learn how to keep a level head and push through to a better place.

No matter how kind of a person we are, it can be hard to keep a level head sometimes. There are moments which will test anyone's patience. We've all been in these situations before. When your job heaps on a ton of work to do or your kids are constantly fighting with one another, it can be easy to snap and let loose with a flurry of frustration.

The thing is, as soon as we lash out at those around us, we feel absolutely terrible for what we've done. There's nothing wrong with feeling emotions. This is a very important part of life and goes into what makes us human! We simply need to learn how to keep these emotions from running every facet of our lives.

There's never a time when yelling at the top of your lungs will make a situation better. It's important to find the right ways to funnel these feelings and keep a level head when times get tough.

Deep Breaths

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This is something your parents probably told you a million times over when you were a child. Perhaps you had gotten into a fight with a sibling or you were upset about one of your favorite toys breaking.

When you're young and can't fully process your emotions, your parents would pull you aside and tell you to take a deep breath. While saying this to an adult might make their frustration grow, there's a lot of truth to the suggestion.

Focusing on your breathing can help block out everything else around you. When you need a moment to yourself, breathing techniques can absolutely do the trick. Take 5 minutes and calm yourself down with some deep, soothing breaths. While you might scoff at the idea before trying it, giving the method a shot will certainly surprise you with its results. Take a moment, catch your breath, and move on.


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People are a bit of a ticking time bomb. Any given moment, on any given day, could turn us into a raging monster. It's all about the series of events which lead up to the moment we unleash our anger. When you find yourself getting to this point and you're ready to burst, take a step back and look at what's causing you to boil over the top. What's making you angry in the first place?

While you may have accidentally dropped your mug of coffee on the floor a second ago, is this the root of what's making you so frustrated? More often than not, an event which happened hours earlier is the reason why we get so frustrated later in the day. Thinking back to the cause of your anger helps puts things in perspective and calms you do. Is your rampage against all around you warranted, or are you venting for another reason altogether?


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We'd all like to think we're in control of our lives. While this is true to some extent, to a much larger extent it is not. We're out there making our way through the world, navigating millions of options in a sea of billions of people. We're simply not able to control everything coming our way, nor can we prevent certain negativity from gunning right for us. You have to learn to be flexible.

There will be moments when things won't go your way. It's the way life is, and there's no way around it. When circumstances get a bit out of hand and leave you feeling flustered, remember to go with the grain instead of against it. Be flexible in what you plan to do and how you'll go about it. Adjust on the fly, rather than constantly fighting back on every little change. Going with the flow can make a big difference.

Keeping a level head can be a tough thing to do. It's something you have to learn as the days go by. It'll certainly be tough to handle early on, and that's okay. Stick with the process and work on yourself. When you learn to take a level-headed approach to life, you'll quickly find yourself feeling a lot more relaxed.

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