Fight Anger With These Simple Steps

Everybody gets angry, but not everyone stays angry. If you can't kick the frustration, check out these tips which might help clear the air.

It's natural to feel angry sometimes. While no one likes to feel angry, its a part of life we all deal with. When something doesn't go our way, it can set off our mood in a very negative direction.

They say you can't experience the highs of life without the lows, so you most likely can't appreciate the happy times without a bit of anger mixed in there as well.

We get angry, we deal with the feelings, and we move on. At least, this is how things usually go. There are certainly times when it can be hard to move on from the anger we're feeling. It ends up bleeding into other areas of our lives and only complicates matters.

When you're feeling like you want to punch through a wall and you don't know how to handle yourself, we've got some suggestions to bring your uncontrollable rage down to a slow boil.

Take a Break

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There's nothing like the very moment you become extremely angry. You can feel the blood rush to your face. Your palms start to clench and the vein on your forehead throbs intensely At this very moment, anyone and everything in your way has a real chance of being destroyed!

Rather than go on a rampage you'll quickly regret, take a moment to bring yourself back down to earth. Rarely are we in a situation where we can't take a moment to ourselves, even when at work. If something has happened to bring your blood to a boil, take a moment to step away from it all.

Even if it's a bathroom break for 5 minutes, taking the opportunity to cool off for a short amount of time can help get you back into a better place. While you might not be feeling great, you'll at least be able to process things a bit more.

Write it Down

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What do you do when you feel your eye twitching and your head ready to explode? You need to let out those frustrations somehow. You don't want to do something you'll regret, so why not vent in a way which is safe and effective?

Grab a sheet a paper, find a pen, and go to town. While it might seem like a silly idea at first, writing down your frustrations can be extremely therapeutic. Taking on your writing task can distract you from the anger your feeling, and it can also help you to better understand why you're angry.

Giving yourself a task like this will occupy you in a meaningful way. When you're all done writing about what's bothering you, you'll most likely feel quite refreshed!

Talk to a Friend

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Still reeling from something hours after it happened? Can't find a way to let loose the rage building up? It's time to get on the phone and call up a friend.

This is the perfect moment for a friend to come through and be there for you. It's what being a friend is all about! When you're talking to a close friend about something making you upset, you don't have to pull punches.

Your close friends know who you are and how you act. You can be your true self and vent about how you really feel. A friend isn't going to judge you for what you're saying or how you're feeling.

Sometimes talking to a friend alone can lead to you feeling better. If not, your friend is there to chime in with suggestions for how you can solve your problem.

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Anger can cloud every thought and movement we tackle. It's important to feel your anger, and equally important to work through it. You don't ever want to be driven by anger.

Recognize what's making you feel angry, take time to understand it, and then pick your path forward to work it all out. While it may seem impossible at first, with the right tools and attitude, you should be able to handle it no problem.

Finding yourself angry fairly often? You might need to change your daily routine to get out of your funk. Exercising is a great way to beat the anger, and it has the added benefit of getting you in shape! Equally as important is sleep, as the right sleeping schedule (including naps) can help to make you feel like the best version of yourself.