The Playlist: One More Light by Linkin Park

The rap-rockers leave their roots and old-school fans behind to go full pop.

Linkin Park was one of the standout bands during the nu-metal/post nu-metal era. Their music gave a voice to millions of fans who were able to relate to the lyrics along with the hard rock beats. Even in their ballads, Linkin Park could make you feel as though they understood your pain.

Their style evolved slightly over their earlier catalog, and as the years passed, their sound shifted even more. However, something happened on the way to their latest release. They decided to go... pop?

Album of the Week

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One More Light by Linkin Park

Before I get into the album, I would like to say that I was very shocked at the very nasty response that Chester Bennington gave to fans who are not on board with their new direction. Saying that your fans should “move the f**ck on from Hybrid Theory” is really messed up.

Especially considering that many of their original fans were drawn to the band because of their sound and personal lyrics that helped them through tough times. I was one of those fans and it really soured me to be told that.

One More Light is not the Linkin Park that we know, but it seems like we’re stuck with this new version of the band for the time being.

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Opening track Nobody Can Save Me should be a red flag right out of the gate as it’s total pop. Why?

Songs like Sharp Edges give me that Mumford and Sons style sound and that’s great for Mumford but not Linkin Park.

As I listen to the album and hear songs like the first single, Heavy, with a guest spot by serial pop guest Kiiara, this isn’t my Linkin Park. This is a band that has been newly manufactured in a studio.

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Another issue is rapper Mike Shinoda is essentially absent, and losing what’s essentially a huge aspect of Linkin Park’s success is definitely a mistake. Instead, we get songs like Good Goodbye with guest rap spots from Pusha T and Stormzy, and a bit from actual bandmate Shinoda.

Talking to Myself sounds like One Direction went semi-rock. Each track makes me more disappointed than the last.

After spending the last decade trying to change things up, the fact that Linkin Park settled on pop music as their new sound not only alienates a lot of fans, but puts them in the ficklest fan base in music. I hope this is a one-off experiment, and someday in the future, we get our old Linkin Park back.

The Playlist: May 23, 2017

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Dig Down by Muse

Muse is back with a new single Dig Down and it’s another of their political statements in the vein of Uprising but with the slower beat of Madness.

The song continues to build to an anthemic conclusion which is what we all love about Muse. It’s great they gave fans something new as their summer tour kicks off this week.

Bad Liar by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez dropped her new single Bad Liar over the weekend and it’s already taking off. The beats and the way her vocals are delivered makes this song extremely catchy.

Selena seems to have taken the current electro-pop sound and flipped it a bit, making this a little more original.

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Shadow by Chromatics

Chromatics were the perfect band to make an appearance in the revival of the Twin Peaks TV show. Shadow is dreamy number that really fits the kind of music director David Lynch would use.

I’ve listened to this song about ten times since hearing it on the show, and I really love this song. It’s definitely my pick of the week.

Lights Out by Royal Blood

Royal Blood kicks ass, plain and simple. In the vein of two-man bands, these guys don’t follow the usual garage rock sound, but instead go for that Queens of the Stone Age/desert rock sound made famous by Queens and Kyuss.

I see big things ahead for the duo and Lights Out is going to be a big rock hit this summer.

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Song #3 by Stone Sour

When I first heard Song #3, I felt that it wasn’t heavy enough for Stone Sour. Then I heard it again this morning as they just released the video and I’m actually digging it.

I’ve always been a big Corey Taylor fan and feel he’s one of the most important leaders in rock over the last 20 years. Overall, I’m totally feeling this song and am looking forward to hearing the whole album when it’s released.

For more new releases, check out the latest from Incubus. If you enjoyed Royal Blood, you may like the work of Josh Homme who is the godfather of the desert sound.