Unlikely Hero Rises Up During Manchester Attack

When the attack on Manchester hit, thousands were in need of help. Stephen Jones was ready to risk his own life to make a difference, no matter the cost.

The horrific attack on Manchester created an onslaught of wounds, both mental and physical. The world over is still trying to figure out how something like this could have happened. Families are in mourning, friends are facing tough days ahead, and the public at large is trying to find ways to move forward.

This is when stories about heroism and bravery help us fight the good fight. While the attack itself was an act of cowardice, the response from Manchester's Stephen Jones was nothing short of astounding. While Stephen wasn't inside the arena when the attack happened, he was very close to the location. This is because Stephen is homeless, and spends his nights living on the streets in and around Manchester.

Photo Credit: The Intercept

When Stephen heard the blast and saw people running from the arena in horror, he knew he only had one option. Without giving it a second thought, Stephen rushed in to help as many children and adults as he could. People were in danger, and Stephen was ready to help. Word spread of Stephen's heroism when he was interviewed for ITV News.

Stephen shared stories of the people he helped, and said he didn't do anything anyone else wouldn't have done. Many were moved by Stephen's courageous act, followed by his extreme showing of humility. Contrary to what Stephen thought, people like him are few and far between. This is why Stephen's interview attracted so much attention once it aired.

People sat up, took notice of the amazing bravery Stephen put on display, and set out to help him. Since the airing of the interview, Stephen's life has gotten immeasurably better. Offers have poured in from around the world to help Stephen in every way possible. He now has a place to live lined up, he has some spending cash to get back on his feet, and job offers have been pouring in.

There are currently two fundraising campaigns going on for Stephen, and when combined, they bring in nearly $100,000. The outpouring of love for Stephen is only getting started, and he deserves every single bit of good news coming his way. When his fellow man was in need, Stephen risked life and limb to make things right. The world would be a much better place with more people like Stephen.

People like Stephen are doing their best to spread kindness every day. For example, Joe Thomas who works as a waiter at IHOP stepped in to help a customer dealing with disabilities. Tre Daniels suffers from disabilities as well, which is why his fellow classmates stepped up to purchase him a brand-new wheelchair.