The Playlist: Melodrama by Lorde

Lorde returns with her highly anticipated sophomore album and it’s one of the best pop records of the year.

Over the last few months, Lorde released a few songs in preparation of her latest album, Melodrama. With a more concentrated pop sound, and after some really great festival appearances, Lorde's career is definitely going strong.

Which is comforting, as I know I’m not alone among fans who anxiously awaited her sophomore release to see if Lorde’s rise as an artist would continue, or if she’d fall victim to the sophomore slump.

So, let’s find out by taking a closer look at one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year, Melodrama.

Album of the Week

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Melodrama by Lorde

Lorde is now twenty, and this shows us throughout Melodrama that she’s matured as an artist and is still well beyond her years as she was when she released Pure Heroin at 16.

Many artists that release a monster debut album, like Lorde, falter on their second album. However, that isn’t the case here, as Lorde released an amazing pop album that shows her growth both as a person and as an artist.

Opening track Green Light is already a hit, and gives fans the sign that this is a more pop-oriented album. Lorde seems to make this transition seamlessly.

By the time you hear Sober, you see how Lorde is taking the common pop sound of today and turning it on its head, as she adds real feeling to the song. This is a theme that continues throughout her Melodrama album.

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Homemade Dynamite is a total pop song, but Lorde’s vocals and delivery really make you feel like she’s trying to change pop music to suit her and not the other way around.

The Louvre is another great track that really mixes Lorde’s last album style with her new pop-oriented sound.

Liability joins Green Light among the songs that released ahead of the album. It’s a great ballad, one that shows today's pop stars how it’s really done. Here, Lorde shows no slowing down on song after song of great pop tunes.

The second half of the album is no different as Hard Feelings/Loveless is another treasure of a song. In the track, we basically get two songs blended into a singular entity.

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By the time I get to Supercut, I realize I’m totally in love with this album and think Lorde really took things to the next level.

Album closer Perfect Places is perhaps my favorite song on the album, as it really sums up everything before it.

Melodrama is Lorde making a pop album for the ages and totally upping her game. Taylor Swift has some major competition here, as Melodrama is just as good as 1989 and can sit side-by-side as two of the best pop albums of the decade.

Overall, Melodrama is a must-have album that serves as the perfect example of what pop music should be.

Standout Tracks: Perfect Places, Green Light, The Louvre

The Playlist: June 20th, 2017

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Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled (feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller)

DJ Khaled’s tenth album, Grateful, is set to release next week. Fortunately, it’s not too soon to listen to a song of the summer contender in Wild Thoughts.

With Rhianna killing it along with Bryson Tiller, the song is highlighted by the sample of Santana’s Maria Maria guitar work, and some great beats by DJ Khaled. This track is seriously addicting!

Where Have You Been (All My Night) by Hey Violet

I’ve spoken a few times about Hey Violet and how they’re about to break out. Their debut album finally dropped this week, and it’s a great one.

I see big things on the horizon for Hey Violet, and Where Have You Been is one of the many great tracks on the album. Stay tuned, because as soon as radio stations give them a bit more airplay, they will explode.

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Realize by 2 Chainz (feat. Nicki Minaj)

One of the subgenres of hip hop that I’ve been enjoying lately is southern-based Trap. At the forefront of that style is 2 Chainz. Nothing highlights this more than Realize from his latest album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.

This standout track is made even better by another great Nicki Minaj guest spot. Give it a listen and drift off with this chill track.

All Night by Big Boi

Outkast’s Big Boi returned this week with a new solo record, and it’s a fantastic blend of collaborations. Boasting a “who’s who” in hip hop guests on just about every track, All Night (one of only two tracks where Big Boi is on his own), is one that really stands out.

His fast-paced rap style takes a break here for this piano-driven number. A number that would undoubtedly make his Outkast partner Andre 3000 proud.

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Passionfruit by Paramore

Paramore stopped by BBC Radio One’s Live Lounge recently to perform their awesome hit, Hard Times. While totally killing it, they took things another step further with an amazing cover of Drake’s Passionfruit.

This version by far outdoes the original. I must say that I’m totally digging this new version of Paramore that’s taken center stage after the release of their latest album, After Laughter.

For a look at another awesome release, be sure to check out the phenomenal new album but Alt-J, Relaxer. Like Lorde, Katy Perry recently took a new approach to the pop sound with her latest album, Witness. Give it a list and see if you like the new direction Perry is heading.