Nintendo Hits Back With Another Wave of Gaming Nostalgia

Nintendo has already taken us back to their classic days once with the NES Classic Edition. Now they're heading back to the past once more for another wave of retro gaming goodness.

Last year, Nintendo struck it big with the NES Classic Edition. The palm-sized gaming platform brought back the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System for those who missed out the first time around, as well as those who never got the chance to experience the beginnings of Super Mario.

Nintendo is now back at it again, dipping into their history to unleash another wave of nostalgia. Recently, Nintendo revealed the SNES Classic Edition, a console which contains over 20 games and features the same pocket-sized approach as the NES Classic Edition.

This platform brings us back to the games of the Super Nintendo, which originally launched back in 1990. Why is Nintendo's nostalgia trip worth your hard-earned money this time around? We've got some reasons which should convince you!

Bang for your Buck

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If you're looking to take a trip down memory lane and revisit some video games from your glory days, there are plenty of ways to do it. If you happen to be looking for the authentic/legal route, there are multiple options to choose from.

The thing is, all of these methods will likely cost you a pretty penny. After all, retro gaming is a huge market nowadays. Some games and gaming hardware you owned back in the day are worth big bucks now. This means hunting down the games you want could leave a sizable hole in your wallet!

Fortunately with the 20+ games included in the SNES Classic Edition, as well as two controllers, you'll only have to cough $80. This is definitely better than trying to put together the same package with original hardware and games, which could end up costing you ten times as much.

Fuzzy Memories

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When you look back on your days of playing video games, you see a wonderful world of vivid colors and beautiful graphics. Unfortunately, this isn't how those games look nowadays. It seems our memories of how games looked are being viewed through rose-tinted glasses.

Playing those retro games on today's televisions will leave you with a washed-out, blurry mess. The SNES Classic Edition fixes this issue with an upgrade to HDMI. You can now play those classic games in 1080p, making them look better than they ever did.

The graphics will be sharper, and the colors will certainly pop off the screen. With a selection of options for visual tweaks, you should be able to find a visual setting which matches up closely with how you remembered these games from years ago.

A New Experience

Photo Credit: Polygon

While the SNES Classic Edition's focus is on games from years gone by, there's one title included in this package which is brand new. Believe it or not, Nintendo is digging deep into their history to finally release a title which they cancelled many years ago.

For longtime Nintendo fans, the legend of StarFox 2 has become quite the topic. A sequel to StarFox, StarFox 2 looked to do everything the original did, albeit in bigger and better ways. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, Nintendo decided to cancel the game at a nearly completed state.

It remained cancelled until a few days ago, when Nintendo announced they'd be reviving and releasing the game for the very first time. If there were ever a killer app for the SNES Classic Edition, StarFox 2 is it!

There are many other great reasons to check out the SNES Classic Edition, much as there was with the NES Classic Edition before it. Gather up some friends and get ready for another round of classic gaming.

Make sure you're prepared for the challenge these games will offer, as well as the fight to find an SNES Classic Edition on store shelves. The SNES Classic Edition launches September 29th, 2017.

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