Elderly Couple Celebrate 80 Years of Marriage

Looking for inspiration when it comes to true love? Look no further than the couple of Donald and Vivian, who are celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary.

There's a reason why so many romantic movies exist. The idea of finding the one you love is alluring to millions of people. While finding the perfect person to spend the rest of your life is a bit harder in real life than it is in movies, millions of people still manage it every day. You don't need to look any further than Donald and Vivian Hart for proof of that.

Donald and Vivian truly have a love which stands the test of time. Believe it or not, Donald and Vivian have been married for 80 years now! The two have been inseparable since day one, and their love has only grown since then. The two recently celebrated their 80 years of marriage together at the Pilgrim Manor assisted living facility.

Friends and family from all over attended to celebrate the pair's never-ending love. While Donald and Vivian might be spending some of their twilight years in an assisted living facility, the two are still in great health. Their 80 years of marriage have brought them both to the ripe-old age of 99! It's clear these two were meant to be, as their love for one another has helped them live on for so long.

Photo Credit: Martine Robinson

As a matter of fact, it seems their love and compassion for one another has only made them grow stronger in their later years! Of course, everyone at the anniversary party had one big question on their mind. What's the key to a great marriage? If anyone is going to know, it would be Donald and Vivian!

According to them, having a happy marriage is easy. All you have to do is stay honest with one another, and make sure to have a good laugh from time to time. As long as you make it a point to enjoy your days with the one you love, you'll never have a reason to feel anything except happiness. It seems like the older generation is getting more and more active as they make their way through life.

Donald and Vivian have no plans on stopping, and they're just the latest example. Both Jack Reynolds and Robert Marchand set new world records at the age of 105! Jack set his by riding a rollercoaster, and Robert achieved his through cycling.