Dog Helps Find Missing Cat

Most people think cats and dogs don't get along. That's not the case with Cash the dog, as he was more than ready to help save a cat's life!

Ghost the cat had gone missing. There were flyers for Ghost posted all about town by the cat's owner, Izzy Francolini. The entire neighborhood was doing its best to keep an eye out for Ghost, hoping to catch a glimpse of where the cat had been hiding. Unfortunately, 6 weeks had passed without a single report of Ghost's whereabouts.

As hope for the cat's safe return was starting to fade, help from an unlikely source would save the day. Shelly Colette would be the lucky person to happen upon Ghost. She had seen the posters in her neighborhood, and was eager to help. The thing is, it wouldn't be Shelly to first spot Ghost. The discovery would come from Shelly's dog, Cash.

Photo Credit: Good News Network

When Shelly and Ghost were out for a walk one night, Cash stopped dead in his tracks at a manhole cover. No matter what Shelly did, she couldn't get Cash to move. Shelly took a peek down into the sewer to see what Cash was fussing about, which is where she would find Ghost hiding.

Shelly called Izzy to let her know the good news, and Izzy came to the manhole to see Ghost for herself. While it was great to finally see Ghost, getting him out of the sewer wouldn't be so easy. Ghost couldn't get back out the way he went in, and the manhole cover had rusted the entryway shut.

It would take a call to the town for some help, and the crew ended up breaking the manhole cover into pieces to open things up. All the banging on the cover ended up scaring Ghost away, which is why Izzy set up shop and waited for Ghost to come back. After hours of waiting, Ghost still refused to come back to the manhole, as he was too scared by all the commotion.

Photo Credit: News 1130

What finally coaxed him out of hiding? Izzy returned to the manhole once again with a bit of food, which Ghost couldn't resist after his long stay underground. He came running out of his hole, which is when Izzy scooped him up and took him home. Thankfully, while a bit gaunt from his adventure, Ghost came away quite healthy. Hopefully he finds adventures in a much safer place next time!

Cash the dog turned out to be quite a hero in this situation! He'd probably get along well with Ricochet, a therapy dog who helps veterans. The two should pair up to help hunt down all the stray cats in need of food and a new home! That's exactly what Glenn Wityak has dedicated his life to.