Police Crash Party Before Joining in on the Fun

When the police showed up at a block party after a complaint, partygoers feared the worst. Much to their surprise, the police decided to join the party!

For every party, there's always a pooper. Sometimes it's a person who wasn't invited to the party. Other times it's someone who likes to ruin the fun of others. This time around, it was a random neighbor out to spoil the fun. When a bunch of kids had set up a makeshift waterslide on the street, a neighbor called the cops to complain about the setup.

The police had no choice but to respond to the call and check out the situation for themselves. When the cops arrived on the scene, they couldn't believe their eyes. The neighborhood had set up a massive slip-n-slide on their road, to go along with the block party taking place. The kids in town were having a blast barreling down the street on the hot summer day.

Photo Credit: Stadius

The cops made their way over to the party, which is when everyone involved knew something was about to happen. Two police officers got the attention of the crowd and shared quite a different message from what everyone was expecting. The police surveyed the situation and decided there was no problem with the slide.

The setup left more than enough room for cars and passersby to scoot alongside. It was clear whoever called in to complain was out to ruin a wholesome party, and nothing more. The cops had no intentions of ending the fun, and informed everyone they were more than welcome to continue their slip-n-slide party. Taking things a step further, the cops decided to get in on the fun as well!

After a few kids had asked the officers to try the slide out for themselves, they couldn't resist. They hopped into a garbage bag, as well as a big raft, and barreled down the ramp at full-seed. The officers made it to the end of the run without a scratch, albeit with uniforms a bit more damp than before. If the officers giving the party their approval didn't send a loud enough message to the grumpy neighbor, we bet their trip down the slip-n-slide did the trick!

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