Dave & Buster's Gives Boy with Autism a Special Day

4-Year-Old Jordan wanted desperately to enjoy some fun at Dave & Buster's, but his Autism was holding him back. Lucky for Jordan, Dave & Buster's was ready to make his wish come true.

4-year-old Jordan is quite fond of video games. What young boy isn't? Jordan's mother knows how passionate her son is about video games, which is why she planned a special trip for him. Restaurant/arcade Dave & Buster's seemed like the ultimate destination for Jordan. A massive building, filled wall-to-wall with all the fun a gamer could desire.

Sadly, the trip didn't turn out to be as much fun as Jordan's mother envisioned. Jordan suffers from Autism, which can manifest itself in all sorts of ways. One aspect can be crippling anxiety, brought on by loud noises and big crowds. Dave & Buster's turned out to be extremely busy on the day Jordan visited, and he could only stand 5 minutes before it all became too much.

Photo Credit: Dave and Buster's

Jordan's mom didn't blame Dave & Buster's for the blunder, as she knew they did nothing wrong. Instead, she reached out to the Dave & Buster's event coordinator to find out times when the restaurant might be less busy. When the event coordinator read the email, she knew she could help out Jordan in a special way.

Instead of listing times when the crowd is a bit more subdued, she wanted to give Jordan a time all to himself. Much to the surprise of Jordan's Mom, the Dave & Busters crew were willing to open the restaurant's doors early. They wanted to give Jordan some time where he would be the customer in the building, free to play all the games he wanted without distractions from the crowd.

Dave & Buster's staff went so far as to give Jordan free plays on a number of games, as well as gift cards to cover the cost of others. Thanks to the kindness of the Dave & Buster's staff, Jordan was given a day he'll never forget, and his mother has a wonderful memory to last a lifetime.