Internet Helps Rebuild Man's Lost Movie Collection

When Mark Orsillo lost his movie collection, he was truly devastated. His sister reached out through social media for help, and the nation was ready to set things right.

Mark Orsillo is a huge movie buff. Throughout his life, Mark has collected every movie he can get his hands on. This has helped him to amass a collection of over 300 titles. While it's certainly a collection anyone would be proud of, the movies are extra special to Mark. Mark suffers from Down syndrome, and through movies, Mark found many ways to communicate.

They allowed him to start up a dialogue with friends and family. Mark could spend hours talking about his love of movies, as well as his collection. This is why he was absolutely devastated when a wall fire raged through a portion of California, taking most of his movie collection with it. A huge portion of Mark's life had now been burnt to the ground.

Photo Credit: Danielle Devine

Danielle Devine, Mark's sister, understood how hurt Mark would be by the loss of his collection. She knew it was more than a simple collection of great films. This is why she took to Facebook to spread the story. She put together a detailed history of Mark's battle with Down syndrome, and how movies helped him to break out of his shell.

Danielle expected the story to reach a few friends and family. Little did she know how ready the internet was to help. Only a few hours later, Danielle's Facebook post was inundated with responses. People all over the nation were eager to help Mark rebuild his collection. As soon as they read the post, they dug through their own movie collections to get Mark back on his feet.

Now hundreds of films have been sit Mark's way, with many more to come. Soon enough, Mark will have a new collection bigger than the one he lost!

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