Beach Patrol Saves Dolphin's Life

When one unfortunate dolphin washed up on the Jersey shore, the local beach patrol were ready to save the day.

The Sea Isle Beach Patrol in New Jersey is ever vigilant. They always have an eye out to watch for trouble. If someone is struggling to stay afloat in the ocean, you can bet the Beach Patrol is ready to dive in and save the day. No one has to fear when they're around. This goes for ocean wildlife as well!

One day while doing their usual rounds, the Beach Patrol spotted something amiss. It wasn't the usual beach-goer who was getting caught up in the ocean's pull. This time it was a dolphin who found himself in trouble. While somehow swimming through the ocean, a particularly rough wave knocked a dolphin off course.

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Now the dolphin was stuck on the beach without any way to get itself back into the water. Without a single moment of hesitation, the Beach Patrol jumped into action. It seemed the dolphin had been a bit roughed up by his battle on the beach, so sending him straight back into the ocean wasn't going to work.

The Beach Patrol put together a makeshift sling for the dolphin, and used teamwork to get him into it. After the dolphin was secured, the Beach Patrol loaded him up into a vehicle and set him off to get patched up. As of right now, the dolphin is getting the medical treatment it needs. Veterinarians are keeping watch of the dolphin, making sure it responds well to the care it's being given.

Soon enough, the dolphin should be able to return to the open seas to make its way home. None of this would have been possible without the quick-thinking and dedication the Beach Patrol showcases on a daily basis!

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