Strangers Offer to Replace Woman's Stolen Wheelchairs

When Sherry Valentine had both of her wheelchairs stolen off her front porch, a group of good samaritans jumped in to save the day. 

Sherry Valentine's daily life provides a lot of unique challenges. Sherry is unable to walk on her own, so she uses a wheelchair to get around. The wheelchairs Sherry owns are absolutely crucial for her day-to-day life. Unfortunately, someone out there saw the position Sherry was in, and they saw fit to make her life even tougher.

Sherry ended up having not one, but both of her wheelchairs stolen. The wheelchairs were stolen from Sherry's front porch late at night. One of them was a manual version, while the other was a more expensive, motorized option. These were the only ways Sherry could travel about, which left her stranded in her home.

Photo Credit: CBS Pittsburgh

When a local news channel heard about the bit of bad news, they decided to pay Sherry a visit and help bring her story to the airwaves. When the news report aired, it ended up reaching much further than the station could have imagined. Thousands of people caught Sherry's story both on TV and online, and were shocked to see how heartless the crime was.

While the authorities are still working to find who stole the wheelchairs, the public at large stepped forward to set things right. They weren't going to let Sherry stay trapped in her house any longer. Multiple people reached out to the news station to get Sherry's information. They wanted to donate all sorts of wheelchairs to Sherry in order to set things straight.

Sherry ended up getting a brand-new wheelchair, complete with a special ramp to help her get it inside. Now she doesn't need to keep her wheelchairs on her front porch anymore! While it's quite sad Sherry had to deal with the bad situation to begin with, it's certainly wonderful to see the happy ending which came shortly thereafter.

Student Tre Daniels was in need of a new wheelchair due to some major damages. When Tre was unable to handle the cost on his own, his class decided to step in to help cover the payments. Meanwhile, in another high school, another class stepped up to help a fellow student with a different disability.