Don't Miss Out on the Return of Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks was a bit too much to handle for the average viewer back in the 90s. Nowadays, it's hard to find a TV show that hasn't been influenced by Twin Peaks.

We are living in a golden age of television. There is so much great content on television it can be hard to keep track of it all. Streaming services like Netflix brought about amazing shows, which made traditional networks sit up and take notice.

Now all sorts of content providers are willing to take risks, and pour decent amounts of money into creating the next big hit. While the content we see on TV today may be extremely unique and adventurous, these programs all owe their direction to a singular show from the early 90s.

Back before the days of streaming networks and on-demand content, there was Twin Peaks. It was a show wild, wacky, and unlike anything else on TV at the time. Without Twin Peaks back in the 90s, we wouldn't see the type of programming we have today.

Strange and Wonderful

Photo Credit: Showtime

Back in the early 90s, TV was in a bit of a rut. While there were a handful of good TV shows, by and large, the content was very cookie-cutter. Programs were made to air in the background while you were doing something else.

TV was seen as dumping ground for lesser quality content as compared to film. Twin Peaks aimed to change that. The brainchild of David Lynch and Mark Frost, Twin Peaks offered a unique setting and a cast of characters with truly deep lore behind them.

Viewers were drawn in by the mystery of who murdered Laura Palmer, a high school-aged girl in town. The mystery and intrigue was hard to pass up, which paved the way for some unbelievably innovative and engaging storytelling.

Not What it Seems

Photo Credit: Showtime

At first, Twin Peaks seemed like any other murder mystery on TV. The first two episodes kept things pretty calm and easy to digest for the average audience back then. After episode 2, Twin Peaks starts to demand more attention from the viewer.

It would explore ideas both deeply detailed and outrageously bizarre. This was uncharted territory for TV up to this point. A woman who talks to a log, a little person who dances, a screaming killer who appears as a vision, and multiple characters who speak backwards.

This was the tip of the iceberg for the strange journey Twin Peaks would take viewers on. Some would stick with it and become enthralled, while others would be turned off by the extremely different approach. Twin Peaks was never a show meant for everyone, and it's creators were perfectly fine with this.

Coming Back in Style

Photo Credit: Showtime

After Twin Peaks' second season, the show got cancelled. Audiences simply weren't ready to follow along with the dreamlike tale Lynch/Frost had cooked up. The thing is, Twin Peaks' influence would be felt for many years later.

The creators behind today's biggest shows all cite Twin Peaks as a major influence, and its' proof positive of how TV could be something much bigger than what it once was.

It's this undying love of Twin Peaks, combined with an audience much more willing to dive into the unknown, which has brought Twin Peaks back. 25 years after the original run was abruptly cancelled, Showtime has brought back Lynch/Frost to finally pick the story from its cliffhanger ending.

Today's Twin Peaks is doing exactly what the original seasons did. Lynch and Frost are turning TV on its head and providing a show unlike any other on the airwaves. Each show brings about deep analysis, and also takes an approach which will lead to some viewers scratching their heads.

It's amazing to see Twin Peaks doing its thing in 2017, and the wait for the show's return was well worth it. Much like the original outing, Twin Peaks in 2017 isn't for everyone. Those who are willing to try something new and let a show take them on a journey are sure to come out of it with an amazing and absolutely unique experience.

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