The Playlist: Kaleidoscope EP by Coldplay

Coldplay give fans a little bit of old school sound mixed with their current direction on latest EP. 

The last half decade has seen Coldplay change from a melancholy pop rock band in the vein of U2, to a more dance inspired cheerful sound that is dominating pop radio. While still touring behind their 2015 effort, A Head Full of Dreams, the band have released a five song EP to hold fans over.

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Kaleidoscope EP by Coldplay

While I still love the Coldplay of years past, I've grown to enjoy their latest electropop sound, except their collaboration with The Chainsmokers, but I'll save that hate for another day. Some bands take chances like Coldplay for better or worse.

I think they're hanging tough on the better side along with bands like Muse and Arcade Fire who are changing things up a bit as well, going more synth and retro. That being said, I would kill for an old school Coldplay album. As I played the first track I felt this may be it.

The Kaleidoscope EP starts off with a throwback Coldplay track, All I Can Think About is You. The song gives old school fans that piano based melancholy sound we love with an anthem sized second half. The older sound is refreshing as it has been a while since we’ve had this Coldplay.

Miracles (Someone Special) mixes Chris Martin’s love of hip hop, with a guest slot by Big Sean, with their latest electropop sound. The song is a dedication to immigrants and the lyrics are great, but I was hoping to hear older style tracks like the opener.

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From here, it is more of the new Coldplay, with ALIENS mixing their new sound with some Radiohead style electro beats. The song is good and after hearing it a few times, it didn’t grow on me and will probably be a song I forget about.

Unfortunately, there is a live remix of Something Just Like This, their hit with The Chainsmokers that ruined my Coldplay fandom. I listened to the song once for the sake of this article, but I promise you that will be the only time.

EP closer Hypnotized is a breath of fresh air as it’s the ballad driven Coldplay I’ve enjoyed so much in the past.

As a whole, the EP opens and closes with treats for old school Coldplay fans, but the stuff in the middle is like eating an Oreo with a terrible tasting center.

Let’s stay positive and be happy knowing that Coldplay still have their old souls inside them as Hypnotized and All I Can Think About is You are such great tracks and worth the price of the EP alone.

The Playlist: July 18th, 2017

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Less Than by Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor is a man of his word. He told fans a few weeks back that a new Nine Inch Nails EP was imminent and Add Violence will be here Friday. To give us all a taste, we have Less Than.

The song is a perfect mix of Reznor’s more recent electronica industrial like Copy of A and a chorus that harkens back to the more aggressive days of NIN. I really love Less Than and I know I am not alone when I say how incredibly psyched I am for the new EP.

Woman by Kesha

Kesha drops another single one week after her last. While Praying was dark and deeply personal, Woman turns things around with Kesha’s more familiar wild and brash style.

With some help by the Dap Kings, Kesha lets us have it as she sings about being a powerful woman and not taking shit from anybody. The beat is awesome and this song is killer. I’m glad to see Kesha back.

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Groupie Love by Lana Del Rey (feat. ASAP Rocky)

The wait is finally over as this Friday Lana Del Rey releases her highly anticipated new album. Groupie Love is another track Del Rey has given us as we wait and I can never get enough of her voice.

I get pulled into a trance when her voice comes over my speakers. Del Rey looks to continue her unique style with this album while also adding some hip hop flavor as we have ASAP Rocky on board for this and at least one other track.

Sit Next to Me by Foster The People

When Foster the People released Pumped Up Kicks, I was on board big time. I still love the song. Sadly, the band couldn’t follow up with anything else that I liked as much as their hit single... until now.

Sit Next To Me fits into that retro disco pop that is becoming more common, but I am really enjoying it. I like the direction they may be heading in and has peaked my interest enough that when their new album comes out on the 21st.

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One Night Only by The Struts

I freaked out when I saw a new Struts song pop up on YouTube. I really love this band and I can’t wait till the secret is out and they become huge.

Their style of rock is meant for arenas, and lead singer Luke Spiller’s voice is akin to the second coming of Freddie Mercury (one of the greatest vocalists of all time).

One Night Only is The Struts latest killer song as they are a throwback to what rock and roll truly is. Listen to it once or a hundred times like I am going to.

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