Man Skips Job Interview To Save Crash Victim

Aaron Tucker spent 22 months in prison. When he was released, all he wanted to do was get a job. Turns out fate had much bigger plans for him.

32-year-old Aaron Tucker is trying to put his life back together. He only recently got out of prison, having served 22 months for a weapons-related charge. Now Aaron is living in a halfway house while he tries to rebuild his life.

Step one is getting a new job, which is unsurprisingly difficult, considering Aaron's past. After quite some time trying to find an opportunity, Aaron landed a face-to-face interview. Now the only thing standing in-between him and the first step to a new life was fate.

Aaron had been excited about his interview for weeks on end, spending every last minute preparing for the opportunity. When the big day came, Aaron hopped a bus ride into town to see the potential employer.

While nerves had kept Aaron up the night prior, the soothing bus ride helped him drift off for a bit of rest. When he awoke a number of minutes later, he was met with a terrible site. Ahead of the bus was a overturned vehicle with smoke billowing out.

Photo Credit: Nonpartisan Media

Aaron wanted to know if anyone was injured, which is why he rushed to the front of the bus to hop out. When Aaron asked the bus driver if he would wait, the bus driver told Aaron he had no intention of doing so.

In this moment, Aaron knew he had two options. He could miss his job interview and see if anyone was injured from the crash, or he could sit back down and make his appointment.

In Aaron's mind, there was only one correct choice. He exited the bus and rushed to investigate the wreck. When Aaron reached the car, he saw the driver had sustained a major injury to the head.

Aaron literally took the shirt off his own back to use as a tourniquet for the driver. As Aaron stayed with the driver and kept talking to him to keep him conscious, more people came to help, including first responders from a local hospital.

Aaron saved a life when he decided to skip his job interview. Unbeknownst to him, he opened the door to a bright future as well. When word of Aaron's bravery spread, multiple job opportunities came in from local businesses.

Along with the new potential for work, people from Aaron's hometown opened a GoFundMe campaign in his name. The fundraiser managed to amass $11k in less than 24 hours! Now Aaron is being hailed as a hero, and his future is looking better than ever.

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