When Children Have Their Lemonade Stand Stolen, Locals Come To The Rescue

Who would steal the lemonade stand of two young children? The thief remains a mystery, but the children didn't remain out of business for long!

Is there anything more wholesome than children selling lemonade? It's something of a right of passage for kids all around the United States. When a hot Summer day comes along and the kids are bored to tears, the idea for a lemonade stand pops into their heads.

This is exactly what happened with 8-year-olds Griffin and Cheyanne. What started out as a boring Summer afternoon turned into a fun-filled project and a money-making opportunity! Turned out the kids' idea to build a lemonade stand was quite a fantastic one.

Once the table was set up and the sign erected, passers-by couldn't help themselves from stopping in for a drink. According to the kids, they had at least one customer every 10 minutes! Business was indeed booming on day one, and looked like a lucrative venture for weeks to come.

Photo Credit: Lake Country Now

Too bad someone had to step in and spoil the fun. When the children stepped away from their lemonade stand for a bit, an unknown person came in and stole the entire setup. To this day, there's no information on who decided to go through with such a heartless act.

When the children found their table missing, they were absolutely heartbroken. The children quickly fought back by making a sign which read, “Give it back, it wasn’t for free.” While the thief had no intentions of undoing his evil act, the sign did catch the attention of local police.

The police snapped a picture of the sign and shared it via their Facebook page. Word quickly spread throughout town about the act, and people were eager to help make things right for the kids. A local woman ended up donating one of her own tables for the children to reopen their business, which was delivered via truck to some truly big smiles.

While the kids may never know who was cruel enough to steal their setup in the first place, they definitely know the rest of town has their backs. Looks like you can't keep a good business down! While adults may think they know everything, amazing children continue to teach us new lessons.

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