Teen Comes Up With Ingenious Way To Help Fight Skin Cancer

Have all the fun in the sun you want, but don't forget to lather up! Getting your sunscreen on is extremely important, and people like Lynly Brennan are making the task even easier.

Most of us try to fill our summer days with as much sun as we can stand. There's nothing like a summer day spent poolside, or at the beach. The thing is, we now know our time outside under the sun has to be taken quite seriously.

Spending too much time soaking up the sun's rays can make for some dangerous health scares later in life. This is why it's so important to lather up with some sunscreen. 16-year-old Lynly Brennan knows all about the dangers of the sun, as she recently spent some time doing research for a study on skin cancer.

Photo Credit: Taste For Life

Having learned a wealth of information, Lynly wanted to help spread the word on how people could still enjoy time outdoors this summer while keeping safe. She knew the most basic step was for everyone to layer on the sunscreen. While it's certainly easy enough to do, Lynly wanted to give people every opportunity possible to protect themselves.

Lynly put a plan into motion to get sunscreen into high-traffic summer areas. Her idea was to set up free sunscreen dispensers at places like local pools. Armed with the knowledge from her studies, Lynly reached out to over 40 different people and organizations to try and raise funds for the project.

Turns out Lynly's idea was one almost everybody could appreciate, as she quickly pulled in over $1,600 in support. The money Lynly brought in was enough to give 5 local pools sunscreen dispensers. These are completely free for anyone at the pool to use. Now there's no more excuse for forgotten sunscreen lotion!

Hitting up a dispenser for a quick rub-down will have you set for the entire day, and keep your skin healthy for many years to come. Fun in the sun and a healthy future? What's not to like about that?!

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