The Best Ways to Relax

Hey, take it easy. You've done enough work for the day. It's time to kick off the shoes and relax a bit.

Does anyone get enough vacation time? Most of us work our fingers to the bone for the few weeks of vacation we get every year. We so look forward to those moments, and then right when we get into the swing of our vacation, it's time to go back to work! It seems like there's never enough time to relax, and plenty of time to work the hours away.

How does one ever get to truly relax? We certainly don't have a lot of time to unwind, which means we need to use the precious moments we do get quite wisely. If you're looking for some of the best ways to calm yourself down and recharge your batteries, we have some suggestions which should do the trick.

Your Happy Place

Photo Credit: Erik Hare

How much time do you actually get to enjoy peace and quiet? When do you get to run off to a spot which you can call your own? Those moments don't happen all to often, sadly. The thing is, when they stars align and we get the chance, it can be magical. You never know when those opportunities will arise, so take some time now to set up your relaxation station!

It can be a nook somewhere in your house. Perhaps it's a tree swing set up in the backyard. It might even be a park bench 10 minutes down the road. Whatever it might be, make sure you know where you'll want to spend your downtime. Grab a snack, put your phone on mute, and let your happy place bring you to a new level of peace.

Nap Time

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

What's the one thing which happens to almost all of us when we're finally done working? At first, we feel really excited about having time to ourselves! Quickly after that, our eyelids start to droop and we feel a wave of sleep rushing at us. While your first reaction might be to fight it off, don't! Set aside a few minutes to enjoy some slumber.

Yes, we know. It does suck to have to sleep away some of your free time. The key word here is "nap." If you have 4 hours of free time, you don't want to spend 3.5 of them snoring! Anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes of nap time should be exactly what you need to get back on your feet. Your quick rest will let you wake up a bit refreshed and ready to enjoy your free time.

Do Away with Distractions

Photo Credit: Digital Trends

When was the last time you had a day without your cell phone? How about a day without social media? Can you even remember a time when you weren't answering text messages? All this technology is crucial in today's world, no doubt. Unfortunately, it seems to sink it's claws deep into us, and we're still tied to it hours after we've clocked out.

While it might be hard at first, stepping away from your tech for some relaxation can be an amazing thing. Put the phone on mute. Put your laptop to sleep. Take your smartwatch off and let yourself slip away to a place where you're not always a finger tap away. You can enjoy an hour without beeps and buzzes reminding you of upcoming chores.

Photo Credit: Lacas Morett

A lot of us like to work. The sense of accomplishment we feel helps to drive us. It can be a supremely motivating experience. It can also be a bit addictive. It's important to set some time aside for relaxation. You can't go full-steam ahead every waking hour. Trust us, it's good to take a break for awhile. You'll be better off for it in the long-run.

Still not convinced it's important to relax? We have some features which might have you feeling quite different by the end.