Change is a Powerful Thing

No one in this world is immune from change. Sometimes the changes we face will be tough to handle. Remember you're not the first person to struggle with change, and great things can come from it.

Humans are a creature of habit. We like to have a certain routine play out every day. Something to keep us on track and focus. Having a routine can actually be a bit relaxing. When you wake up knowing what big chunks of your day are going to be like, you can go on autopilot and handle the tasks with ease. Then, of course, something has to come along and throw a monkey wrench into the situation.

Why is the universe out to get us? Everything is moving along smoothly, and then with one tiny change, our world is thrown into chaos! Why can't things stay the same forever? In moments of change, we ask ourselves these questions. Our calmer self knows the questions are silly to begin with, and we are simply trying to cope. As a matter of fact, change is in inevitable, and it can be an absolutely wonderful thing.

Embrace It

Photo Credit: Zoe Torres

When we're moving through life and couldn't be happier, change likes to sneak in and smack us in the back of the head. For whatever reason, something has popped up to disrupt our cheerful days. Now every waking thought is taken over by the impending dread of change right around the corner.

What is worrying about the change going to do you? Sitting at home moping about an upcoming change doesn't do anyone any good. While we acknowledge it's quite hard, embracing the change is definitely the way you go. The sooner you swallow the bitter pill, the faster you can work towards setting things right.

Open Your Eyes

Photo Credit: Mary Ellen Miller

When people get comfortable, they get complacent. We tend to forget other times in our lives. All we know is how happy we are in our current situation. When an unavoidable change swoops in, we fear the new and different things heading our way. Unfortunately, most of us tend to only entertain the potentially negative aspects associated with these changes.

It's easy to see what you know and get enjoyment from it. It's hard to envision happiness when we don't know anything about the challenge coming our way. When something is new and different, we don't know what the other side holds. When you start thinking negatively, shut down those thoughts right away.

Clear your mind and picture a future where your upcoming change paves the way to even greater happiness. When you think positively, it's much easier to work towards a pleasing outcome.

Variety is the Spice of Life

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There's so much in the world to experience. From people to places, activities to entertainment, it's 100% impossible to take it all in. When we find a set of core ideas we enjoy, we lock into them and close ourselves off to everything else. We don't want to lose those things which make us happy, even though we know such a time will come.

When change comes knocking at your door, use it as a stepping stone to new experiences. Let the change be a path to even greater adventure. Being open to the idea of change can alter your entire life in amazing ways. You'll open up to all sorts of experiences you could have never imagined. Don't let yourself grow stale, locking yourself away from the world due to fears of change.

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There will be tough changes in your life. Certain events will be hard to process no matter which angle you come at them. This is a part of life, and you'll never be able to get away from it. The important thing is to not forget how great changes can be as well. Even a change which starts out negatively can be spun into something amazing. It's all about how you handle the situation.

When a tough change comes your way and you tackle it head-on, don't forget to celebrate your achievement! You have to treat yourself for a job well done! If you're finding it particularly hard to deal with a new change in your life, remember to stay cool, calm, and collected.