St. Germain Drink Recipes for Any Occasion

What is St. Germain, and what drinks can you make with it?

St. Germain is a mysterious liqueur from France that comes in a gorgeous bottle. You’ll see it in bars and perhaps inside of a friend’s liquor cabinet, but what is St. Germain, and what do you do with it?

St. Germain (pronounced san-jer-mahn) is made from elderflowers that growers pick during a 6-week period in the spring. These elderflowers go from the field to the production facility via bicycle, believe it or not.

You might think… hand-picked flowers, bicycle delivery, limited season… St. Germain must expensive, right? Well, it’s the exact opposite. You can grab a bottle for roughly $30.


Courtesy of Zester Daily

Europeans, or the small amount of Americans who sample the elderflower juice box from Ikea, are well aware of the sweet and almost tropical taste. St. Germain gets this unique taste from the elderflower, and is a great drink for hot summer days. It is both light and refreshing, with a tea-like quality that blends well with most cocktails.

What to do with St. Germain

St. Germain has an incredibly amount of versatility. You can splash some in your favorite gin or tequila for a delicious twist. Another option is to replace a citrus-based liqueur with St. Germain. The best example of this is the St. Rita, courtesy of Sugar and Charm.

St. Rita Recipe

  • 2 parts Olmeca Altos
  • 1 part St. Germain
  • 1 Lime

Add the tequila and St. Germain to a cocktail shaker, then squeeze in the juice of one lime. Shake and then pour over ice into a salted rim glass.

This easy take on the classic margarita swaps out triple sec for St. Germain, a sweeter option for your friends who are afraid of silver tequila. Try the St. Rita at your next get together in place of blended gold tequila and store bought margarita mix.

St. Germain Day Drinking

One of the best ways to enjoy St. Germain is at the summer BBQ, with beer, specifically.

St. Germain Shandy Recipe

  • 5 parts Miller Lite
  • 1 to 2 parts St. Germain (depending on preference)
  • 2 lemon wedges

Pour the St. Germain and Miller Lite into a pint glass. Who are we kidding, pour the St. Germain and Miller Lite into a red Solo cup (hey, that’s a catchy Toby Keith song), squeeze in the lemons and drop them in. Drink this before it gets warm, or add a lot of ice.

Tired of only being able to drink champagne during brunch, or maybe you are an American fan of the Premier League and have nothing to drink during your favorite team’s 9:00AM EST match? In the spirit of it’s never too early, here is a delightful concoction to enjoy at any hour.

St. Germain & Champagne Recipe

What’s classier than champagne? St. Germain and champagne!

  • 1/3 St. Germain
  • 2/3 Champagne

No need to wait for New Year’s Eve. Fill up a champagne flute 1/3 of the way with St. Germain, then top with champagne. We love prosecco, so feel free to swap out the champagne for this alternative. Don’t feel bad about adding an Italian sparkling wine into such a French sounding creation. Special thanks to Kitchen Konfidence for nailing the proportions.

Date Night with St. Germain

The perfect way to begin a date is with a drink or two. Try these elegant St. Germain options.

French Gimlet Recipe

  • 2 parts Gin
  • 1 part St. Germain
  • 1/2 part fresh lime juice

Shake all of the ingredients into shaker with ice, then strain into a martini glass. If you’re out on the town, any bartender should know exactly what this is, but if he or she is unsure, tell them to give you a gimlet with St. Germain. If it’s too strong, add a splash of tonic to transform it into a French Collins.

The St. Germain Cocktail Recipe

  • 2 parts Champagne
  • 1.5 parts St. Germain
  • 2 parts Perrier

Last but certainly not least is the namesake of the St. Germain brand, and probably the reason it exists. Start off with an ice filled Collins glass and add the champagne. Next, add the St. Germain, and top with Perrier. Gently stir and garnish with a lemon. Veritable!

St. Germain goes with everything, can stand on its own and looks beautiful on a shelf. Let us know which of these recipes is your favorite.

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